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 "I help women of faith   pursue productive purpose-filled  lives through   practical biblical principles  and Kingdom strategies."


Purpose-Filled Life Online Courses
Living A Purpose-Filled Life Online School | Devotional Courses | Bible Study | Practical Application of God's Word | Instructor Miracle Pettenger

Get more inspiring teaching and
biblical insight with these devotional online courses.
Featured courses are based on the Purpose-Filled Living books and prayer journals.



Encouraging Your Soul Through Life

Why Am I Still Waiting?

Revised 2nd Edition

by Pastor Miracle Pettenger

This book encourages readers to experience God's best and live out His purpose through different seasons of life, such as sickness, singleness, financial distress, career crossroads, and personal dissatisfaction with life itself. Readers will see how God's Word and promises apply to their mind, will, and emotions while gaining practical principles for walking in divine purpose from personal testimonies.

“... The author skillfully breaks down how to overcome our self and move to a place, mentally, where we are flowing in God's spirit.”

Tshombye K. Ware ~ Readers' Favorite

Full Book Review of "Why Am I Still Waiting?" by Tshombye K. Ware

CAOT Interview with Christian Author and Pastor Miracle Pettenger, Why Am I Still Waiting? Encouraging Your Soul Through Life
Practical Principles for Purpose-Filled Living Series
Purpose Devotional
& Prayer Journal
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Encourages readers to apply God’s Word and promises to their mind, will, and emotions so they can walk in their divine purpose, in a productive and practical way.

The Inspirational Speaker


Dr. Miracle shares the practical principles used to overcome the obstacles and challenges of life to develop
a positive self-image, passion for fitness, earn a Doctoral Degree, achieved a successful corporate career
as an IT Professional for Fortune 500 Company
and pursue her passion as an entrepreneur,
author, pastor, and media personality. 


Miracle also teaches audiences how to identify and walk out their purpose through difficult seasons of life by sharing her experiences of the sudden death of her mother, prenatal sickness, the parental challenges of premature birth, infant heart surgery
and becoming a two-time NICU mother.


Her inspired mission is to help everyday people

live productive and purpose-filled lives.

Speaking Topics


  •  Ask Yourself, “What Do You See?”

Developing high self-esteem, a positive self-image and knowing your purpose. (30-45 min session)

  •  I Was Made to Prosper

Practical principles to achieve success and pursue passion with confidence. (30-45 min session)

  •  Overcoming Hardships & Adversities  

Identifying & walking in purpose during difficult and challenging seasons of life. (30-45 min session)

#GodIsHerBusiness Purpose Call 2017_0204 "God's Plans & Purpose"Miracle Pettenger
  • Adult & Youth Events

  • Conferences

  • Corporate Meetings

  • Group Sessions

  • Luncheons​​

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Retreats

  • Seminars

  • Workshops

Audience & Clients

PWAM of Virginia Beach, VA is a family of people who love God and teach people the proceeding purpose and plans of God for their lives and how they can live a life that demonstrates the fullness of God’s kingdom and His glory in a productive and practical environment.


Pastor Miracle Pettenger is an ordained Apostle who brings the healing, deliverance, and hope of Jesus Christ to all those with unmet needs, unhealed hurts, and unresolved issues. Pastor Pettenger ministers the proceeding word of God to people of all ages, ethnic cultures, and backgrounds through biblical education, spiritual moral guidance, and outreach events, both locally and internationally.

MP2XEVENTS, LLC. is a marketplace and ministry logistics management and consulting firm that provides individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations with logistical management, document services, and motivational speaking that supports their vision to accomplish their mission goals.

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