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About Me
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The Story About My Name!

   Many people have asked her, “How did you get the name Miracle?” Before she was born, the doctors warned her mother that if she were to continue with the pregnancy, the baby would be born mentally retarded with water on the brain. However, being a woman of God, her mother, Apostle Dorene J. King refused to believe the report of the doctors and went home and began to pray. As she was praying, God spoke to her and said: “Her name shall be called Miracle, for I will prove to my people that I am yet a miracle-working God.” Standing on this word, Apostle King gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on January 31, 1979. And as for all the complications and defects that the doctors had predicted, well, none of them came to pass.

   As a wife, mother, retired corporate professional, entrepreneur and pastor, Dr. Miracle Pettenger, Th.d. preaches and teaches the proceeding plans and promises of God while sharing her personal testimonies of God’s victory, favor, and glory in her life through local ministry, small group and online bible sessions, various conferences throughout the United States and internationally.

    Miracle’s divinely inspired mission is to bring healing, deliverance and hope to those who have a desire to know God’s purpose for their lives and demonstrate His glory in a productive and practical way.

I’m a wife, 2 x NICU mom, corporate professional, author, inspirational speaker, teacher, pastor, entrepreneur, and media personality. I'm here to inspire and motivate others to live their lives with purpose and on purpose through the power of God's Word. 
I want to encourage and connect with you!

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