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Stop Waiting on Your Purpose! 

Stop Waiting on Your Purpose | Book | Christian

Are you frustrated with decisions regarding your career, relationships, or education?

Are you waiting for your life to better?

Get practical tools to apply God's Word
to your mind, will, and emotions
 so you can follow God's purpose and experience His promises in every area of your life!

Why Am I Still Waiting? Encouraging Your Soul Through Life

by Miracle Pettenger


This inspirational book encourages readers to experience God’s best and live out His purpose through different seasons of life, such as sickness, singleness, financial distress, career crossroads and personal dissatisfaction with life itself.


Readers will see how God’s Word and promises apply to their mind, will, and emotions while gaining practical principles for walking in divine purpose from personal testimonies and scriptural insights of author and pastor Miracle Pettenger.

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